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HipSit Extra Large (230 x 180 cm)

HipSit Extra Large (230 x 180 cm)
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The most comfortable sofa for 2 or more you'll ever find

HipSit ™ consists of a double-layered 'Dacron' canvas with zigzag seams. An excellent material that would probably survive even a turtle and is easy to clean.

And hey, it is also water resistant! This makes it possible to transform not only closed rooms into resting temples, but also beaches and yachts.
The inside of the bag is made of nylon and is filled with foamed polystrol balls. This may sound funny, but do not worry ... Thanks to these tiny balls, your body will relax within seconds.
Now pay attention to the 'piercing-like' thing on the corner at the top right. This is a nice built-in handle, with which you can easily carry around the HipSit ™. Yes, OK, it also looks cool.

The trick is: You may waste time when you are sitting in your HipSit ™ - but not money!

Size: Extra Large (230 X 180)

Material: zigzag stitched 'Dacron' sailcloth.


Attention: Due to the size, higher freight costs arise. These are at Gr. XL 32,00 €




What is HipSit?

The inside of the sacks is made of nylon and the outer material is made of `Dacron` canvas, an excellent material, as it would probably withstand a turtle and is easy to clean.

Is HipSit waterproof?

Waterproof is a broad term, but HipSit is not waterproof. But the 'Dacron' canvas is weatherproof and water resistant. It keeps wind and rain. After all, we are talking about a canvas.

How do I clean the HipSit?

Take a mild soap, water and a gentle brush. Remove the dirt by brushing. Rinse it with fresh water until the remaining soap is removed. For oil and tar spots, use a light fluid. For malleolus, take simple household bleaching (3 to 5% must be sufficient) and dilute it with some water. Never take pure bleaching! For extreme dirt, you should bring your HipSit to a professional sailcloth cleaning. Please do not clean yourself.

Is the HipSit already filled when I buy it?

If you order the HipSit from us you will get it filled naturally.
The size XL is only half filled for reasons of volume and the second half must be refilled. But is not a big effort.

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