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Lightweight tether for leashless climbing

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Lightweight tether for leashless climbing

Attach your ice tools or tree tools to the harness to prevent lost or fall. The V-shaped elastic webbing is short enough for tangle-free handling and may be stretched for maximum reach. The length of the lanyards can be extended from 64 up to 136 cm (incl. carabiners) and so allows free movements. The maximal strength of 300 kg is high enough to allow resting during ice climbing.


  • Color: black/yellow
  • Weight: 94 g (3.32 oz)
  • Material: 85% PAD, 0.5% PES, 14.5% elastic fibre; light alloy
  • Strength: 3 kN (300 kg)
  • Length: 64 - 136 cm (incl. carabiners)
  • Gate opening (d): 12 mm


WARNING! Do not use as a fall absorber!

Item ID 200011
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