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Toppas 20m with Weathercape

Toppas 20m with Weathercape
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TOPPAS climbing machine, 30 m rope length

The TOPPAS system for independent securing and controlled abseiling.

Advantages for the climber

  • No risk of a blackout of the backup partner
  • Braked abseiling at 1 m / s to the starting point
  • More safety thanks to two independent braking systems


Advantages for the climbing forest operator

  • More attractive climbing offer for individual climbers
  • The climbing hall is more evenly used
  • More fun in abseiling
  • Relocation of the liability risk
  • Higher number of climbers, due to faster abseiling
  • Exemption of the supervisory staff lead to lower operating costs
  • Great accessory program


The package consists of:

  1. integrated protective hose (60 cm long)
  2. Grip sleeve
  3. built-in carabiner (as well as an extension possibility with an additional one-hand carabiners)


The devices are tested according to EN 341 and EN 360. The carabiner is standardized according to EN 12275 and comes from PETZL (Am'D BALL LOCK) with two-fold automatic locking.


(Delivery only with advance payment and only at the specified price)


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