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Monkey Hardware
The Key for Climbing



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Orang Utan BackpackOrang Utan Backpack


We want to upgrade our Monkey galerie and ask you to send us your best Monkey pictures. We are sure there will be a lot of good pics with 100.000 sold Monkeys in more than 40 countries. Trees are everywhere!

We are looking forward to see your pics and start a competition. Win a backpack Orang-Utan: There will be raffle for all Monkey action pics we are allowed to use them for advertising. Our Urang-Utan is more than just a Monkey transporter. Use it for backpacking, suitcase or for daily use. Worth 99,-€.Send us your pictures trough email, Facebook, wetransfer etc.

See the Winner on Facebook and our website on September, 30st.






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Monkey Hardware GmbH
66879 Reichenbach-Steegen
FON: +49 631 8923 8923 FAX: +49 631 8923 8925
Amtsgericht Kaiserslautern HRB 30308
USt.-ID DE254670190





Designed for tree nursing, rescue in the climbing garden or also as fitness equipment

The perfect addition to tree nursery 
and high rope gardens.

Thanks to the compact dimensions
and low weight, STEPPERS can be 
used flexibly. Wherever you need 
a fixed stand, you have to overcome 
height differences quickly, or if a
ladder can not be placed well, the 
use of the STEPPERS is your best 

With just a length of 200mm it is 
quickly stowed in every backpack. 
The steel construction provides 
sufficient tread and stability despite
the compact dimensions. The 
galvanizing and powder coating in 
classic black guarantee an extremely
long service life.

The assembly as well as dismantling 
requires a minimum of time and is 
kept uncomplicated. With the help of
 the tensioning belt and the MONKEY, 
STEPPERS are securely attached to 
the tree.

Also, STEPPERS can be used as a 
fitness equipment: pull-ups, dips and 
even bicep training is possible and 
allows to varied your workout.



STEPPERS are also a climbing aid, 
which must be secured according 
to the guidelines of the DAV from 
3 m climbing height. In this case,
a suitable self-locking device must 
be provided by means of belt loops, 
a climbing belt, and e.g. A set of
ropes is to be installed around the 
tree, alternatively a top rope 
protection must be installed, in 
which the climbing has secured 
against falling.

The STEPPERS system is not 
suitable for self-assurance.
STEPPERS are delivered pre-assembled and are available with different tensioning straps:


 (inkl. tensioning strap, screw and MONKEY)

  • 2,2 m ratchet     36,50€ piece
  • 3,2 m ratchet     37,50€ piece
  • 3,5 m ratchet     38,50€ piece
  • 6,0 m ratchet     42,50€ piece


"STEPPERS" Single, inkl. screw

  • 17,50 € piece

Available online under "Monkey-Sets"


The Idea behind MONKEY:

MONKEYS® Hardware allows the transition of rock climbing from artificial climbing walls mainly on trees, but also on masts and pillars.


Target Group:

Our MONKEYS®-holds offer athletes, as well any other active age groups a new way of climbing in free nature, high ropes courses, schools, kindergardens and clubs.



  • No need to journey to adequate rocks or crowded and expensive halls
  • No more time- and money-consuming constructions on home-made climbing walls, just to pull a few moves after a hard day of work
  • Our MONKEYS® are ready to use wherever there's an appropriate tree: in nature, in your own backyard, in the schoolyard, in the park...
  • The possibilities are almost unlimited: Personal training, adventure- and experiential education, group dynamic games and events.

Have fun and enjoy the Monkeys.

                                                                                „Get on the trees, Monkeys!“


Distribution Australia:          www.adventuredevelopments.com
Distribution Belgium:            www.ludusconcepts.com
Distribution Danmark:          www.sikringsagenten.dk
Distribution Espania:            www.fixeclimbing.com 
Distribution Korea (South)   www.irope.kr
Distribution Nederland:        www.ludusconcepts.com
Distribution Sweden:            www.aventyrsupplevelser.com

Distribution Taiwan:             www.eptaiwan.com.tw

Distribution UK:                     www.adventureclimbrescue.co.uk
Distribution Ukraine:            www.alpinpark.com.ua
Distribution USA:                   www.ropesparkequipment.com  ( 'Ropes Park Equipment' ) imports and sells the most advanced adventure climbing equipment used in adventure parks and canopy tours


7343 Steinsel                           Adrenatec    16, rue des Templiers


Bozen/Bolzano                         Sportler     und          Mountainspirit OHG

Schweiz:                                             SwissMountains by Fra-Mont GmbH, Sebiloch 5, CH-3377 Walliswil, Tel. +41 (0)32 631 0320                     

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