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Monkey Hardware Corp. is a young, dynamic company.

20 years of climbing- and alpine-sports have led us to the idea of developing our product. Expeditions to Africa, North- and South-America rank among the highlights of our lifes. We also gained a certain amount of experience through coaching and training in the pedagogic field.

The problem before every adventure we planned, was the efficient training of our skills. Beeing far away from alpine rock, we had to cut preparations to a few hours or days. We solved that with our "Key for Climbing“. You´re now free to train and climb whenever and wherever you want to!


The „Monkey-Sets“ 

  • are an individual training tool for climbers
  • are family friendly (suited for all ages)
  • are a new sport
  • provide adventure up to the treetops
  • best suited for coaching, schools and high-ropes courses

With our Monkey Hardware idea, we´re certainly providing a high-quality product for you. By respecting the safety guiding-lines of climbing and the appropriate usage of our products, you and your family or friends will experience infinite fun with our Monkey-System.

Thanks to our customers for their support and interest in our products.


Have fun searching this website for your individual set!

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Your Monkey-Team