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[Bundle] Monkey Set "Franken-Stein" 3.2m ratchtets

Climbing all year round - Ideal for our TreeTool device. 20 Monkeys incl. 20 Franken-Stein-Handles, 10 x 3.2m tension belts + equipment

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20 Monkeys with Franken-Stein holds + equipment

You want to go ice-climbing not limited to the winter time? With our new holds and our "Treetool" you can learn and practice drytooling. Overhangs recommended. But please don´t hurt the trees! Of course the holds can be used for normal climbing too.

Climbing height ca. 4m.



  • 20 Monkeys
  • 10 Tension belts 320cm (GS mark, low extension special band with long life ratchets)
  • 20 Holds Franken-Stein
  • 20 Screws, countersunk
  • 1 Allen key 6mm
  • 1 Carrying stuff sack
  • 1 Instruction manual


Featuring five different shapes, so that a variety of situations can be set up.

Fix the climbing hold using the hexagon socket-key and a provided screw onto the Monkey.




We recommend the use of a crash-pad

Above 3m (10 feet) the climbing sport-principles obtain and the safety regulations have to be kept!

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