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Set STEPPERS (incl. 2,2 m Steelratchet and Monkey)

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The perfect addition to tree nursery and high rope gardens

Thanks to the compact dimensions and low weight, STEPPERS can be used flexibly. Wherever you need a fixed stand, you have to overcome height differences quickly, or if a ladder can not be placed well, the use of the STEPPERS is your best choice.

With just a length of 200mm it is quickly stowed in every backpack. The steel construction provides sufficient tread and stability despite the compact dimensions. The galvanizing and powder coating in classic black guarantee an extremely long service life.

The assembly as well as dismantling requires a minimum of time and is kept uncomplicated. With the help of the tensioning belt and the MONKEY, STEPPERS are securely attached to the tree.

Also, STEPPERS can be used as a fitness equipment: pull-ups, dips and even bicep training is possible and allows to varied your workout.

STEPPERS are also a climbing aid, which must be secured according to the guidelines of the DAV from 3 m climbing height. In this case, a suitable self-locking device must be provided by means of belt loops, a climbing belt, and e.g. A set of ropes is to be installed around the tree, alternatively a top rope protection must be installed, in which the climbing has secured against falling.

The STEPPERS system is not suitable for self-assurance.


Item ID 1700222
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Model Set "Steppers" (inkl. Spanngurt 2,2 m und Monkey)
Manufacturer Monkey Hardware
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